Our INVIVE “IS” Mild Silver Protein

the same IDENTICAL Product to


that was in all the pre 1938 Medical Journals and paper publications.

Therefore it can be used today in 2020 by M.D. Doctors and indeed all Health Care Practitioners to treat disease.

And indeed “WAS” used by “ALL” the MDs pre 1938 

as the non toxic, no side effects, treatment of choice, that every M.D. carried in his Medicine Bag,

“before” the FDA took over/stole our food and drug supply, for the benefit of the multinational corporations.


The FDA & Drug Company & Legislator Partnership: 

Your legislators continually go through the revolving door of being hired for millions of dollars by working for the multinational drug companies when they leave office.

Today’s Pharmaceutical Company drugs KILL over 100,000+ USA citizens each yearthey Kill 1 MILLION+ Americans every 10 years,

while our Albert Barnes 1902 Mild Silver Protein product kills no one;


our MSP product is dulcimentsoothing to the tissues and

our MSP product has NO side effects whatsoever, and

MSP causes NO Mutations of the pathogens because it kills the pathogens instantly upon contact so that there are no wounded pathogen to go off and mutate into more drug resistant forms/strains, and

Our MSP product has NO interactions with any other DRUG and

our MSP product has NO interactions with any other product whether vitamin or mineral, and

our MSP product works the same as it (MSP) has since 1902. 

“Off Label Usage”

Of this MSP Mild Silver Protein

“Grandfathered In” pre 1938 Product

The following Statement apply:

Attention FDA:

For generations MDs regularly participate in issuing "off label" Prescriptions/usage for a multiplicity/plethora of products.

It is known to be a daily and “common practice” in the Medical field.


This Product has been used by MDs since 1902-1938.

We  distribute as a Dietary Supplement the EXACT SAME Product that has been used by MDs since 1902 and MDs are free to recommend it for “Off Label” usage.

See also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argyrol From Wikipedia:

Argyrol [Mild Silver Protein] was manufactured by A.C. Barnes Company until the Zonite Products Corporation acquired the firm in 1929.[5] Argyrol products were compounded by pharmacists at various concentrations and dispensed to the public in pharmacy-labelled bottles. It was also sold in A.C. Barnes Company packaging in solutions of various strengths. A succession of pharmaceutical entities acquired Argyrol over the decades.

All kinds of Companies distributed and indeed fought over the right to distribute our type of product that cured 650 different diseases.

Yet your legislators/politicians and Medical Boards will not tell you about it, and indeed the FDA tries to cover our product up by lying and saying it was never proven as safe and effective when in FACT it has been safe and effective for over 100 years and particularly proven safe and stated safe in the Medical Journals from 1902 to 1938 as being EFFECTIVE and SAFE.

There have not been ANY adverse effects recorded by the FDA’s own FDA's Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS).

There are NO side effects AT ALL as proven by the FDA’s own reporting system. Therefore it IS “PROVEN SAFE,

and the FDA is lying when the FDA tries to say it is not proven safe or effective. They are liars, as PROVEN BY THE FACTS of the last 100 years!!!


Wikipedia further states:

The silver protein molecule in Argyrol has been in use for over 100 years to date, with ample clinical data supporting the benefits and versatility of the silver protein molecule in medicine without the detriment of drug resistance. Although Argyrol is used as a synonym for the chemical descriptions silver vitelline and mild silver protein.

Editor’s Note:

This product that you are purchasing from us is IDENTICAL to the Medical Journal pre 1938 product that Science Digest stated that it cured 650 different diseases, per Science Digest 1978.

Photographic PROOF circa pre 1938 that Argyrol was sold to be taken “INTERNALLY” proving INVIVE Mild Silver Protein is therefore “GRANDFATHERED IN” to be taken “INTERNALLY” :


Photographic PROOF Argyrol was Mild Silver Protein being the same as Invive Mild Silver Protein is today:


More independent photographic PROOF from others, that Argyrol was Mild Silver Protein.

INVIVE Mild Silver Protein is therefore “GRANDFATHERED IN”:



The above is “IRREFUTABLE” photographic “PROOF”  that INVIVE Mild Silver Protein is


And therefore CAN be used to treat Diseases.