They (the less than 1% global elites), intend to kill OVER 7 Billion of us!!!

but our Mild Silver Protein at 5,000 and 10,000 ppm would stop them.


Our 10,000 ppm silver was  used by China in 2003 to stop the SARS  COVID-2 virus.


China used our INVIVE 10,000 ppm silver to cure SARS COVID-2 because in November of 2002 our SARS patient in the Bejing Hospital was alive and recovering while his Doctor and 16 Nurses were dead.

President Jiang Zemin of China then

17 March 1998

16 March 2003

4 years, 364 days



Jiang Zemin


heard of this, and immediately sent a Private Jet with a Diplomatic Courier with an unopenable Diplomatic Pouch (so it couldn’t be taken away from him by the USA Customs) to pick up 12 bottles of our 10,000 ppm INVIVE silver from our Chinese Doctor in Los Angeles. China then copycatted our formula and stopped the SARS COVID-2 virus.



BTW (by the way) even in 2016 silver wasn’t allowed to be shipped to Africa because it would kill/stop the AIDS/HIV virus, because the elite people in charge of this world wanted to reduce the population of Africa, just as:


“NOW” the .0001 World satanic elites want to reduce the population of the World down to 500 million (1/2 billion) from the World’s present population per June 2019 of 7,577,130,400 (7+ BILLION).


That means that they (the global elites), intend to kill OVER 7 Billion of us!!!

This figure is “proven” by the Georgia Guidestones that state: “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 [500 million]”…=that means:

They intend to kill 7 BILLION of us.


10,000 ppm INVIVE Silver would wreck their plans to kill us, because:

Now In 2020 we have saved the lives of “MANY” COVID-19 patients in the USA who were near death


but were saved by using our Grandfathered in Mild Silver Protein silver.




The FDA should be prosecuted for LYING 


Lying that the 5,000 and 10,000 ppm Silver is not effective:


Because every M.D. pre 1938 carried bottles of 4000 ppm Mild Silver Protein/Argyrol in their Medicine Bags to treat and cure patients. 4000 ppm Silver was the M.D. “Doctor’s” drug of choice.


But now the FDA lies, and tries to say 4000 ppm is not effective, when in FACT 4000 ppm silver was effective for generations and used in Spain until 1978;


Plus the fact attested to by the Science Digest, that 10,000 ppm cured 650 Diseases since 1902, PER Science Digest 1978.


10,000 ppm INVIVE Silver would wreck their plans to kill us.

In fact any Mild Silver Protein over 4000 ppm would work to save us.

Argyrol Mild Silver Protein was used before, for 35 years, by M.D. Doctors. Period.

So Mild Silver Protein works, and “IS” Grandfathered in.