The following is an outright "LIE" put out by Mesosilver:


"High particle surface area makes Mesosilver more effective than silver protein type products with silver concentrations in the tens of thousands of ppm."


Here is the Scientific "Mathematical" proof that Mesosilver is "LYING":


These scam sites will lie by inferring 20 paltry (measly) particles of silver have a greater surface area than 5000 particles! Ask yourself: Do 20 regular compact car tires have a larger surface area than "5,000" normal family size car tires? Of course not. But they trick the public by saying and inferring that their low 20 ppm (parts per million) has more relative surface area "without" telling the public that Invive "at 5000" ppm has 250 times more surface area than their 20 ppm.


Here are the actual "mathematical" proofs (not just misleading typing and misleading graphs), that proves "mathematically":

Our Invive 5000 ppm has 250 times larger "total" surface area than promoters scam dishwater paltry 20 ppm:

 1.) The "total" surface area of all 20 pieces of promoters 20 ppm increased surface area = 20 * p (.01 m) 2 = 0.00628 square microns.  (m is the symbol for a micron = 10-6 m, and p = 3.1416.  The diameter of a single silver particle is 0.01 m).

2.) The "total" surface area of 1 of INVIVE's .005 to .015 particles is = p (.01 m) 2 = 0.000314 square microns, for a spherical silver particle of average diameter 0.01 m.

3.) INVIVE'S Total particle surface area in one dose of 5000 = 5000 * p (.01 m )2 = 1.5708 square microns.

4.) INVIVE’S 5000 [particles of silver] ppm silver has 250 times more surface area than promoters 20 {particles of silver] ppm silver

5.) Therefore our 5000 ppm has 250 times the effectiveness of their 20 ppm. The comparison is for a fixed spherical size of silver particle, since there are many promoters of silver in the range of 20 ppm.

 6.) Effectiveness can only be compared for a fixed particle size.  It is not true that producing more particles of smaller size to get a greater surface area for the same ppm of silver will necessarily increase effectiveness.  This is especially true of very small particles, where the smallest sizes are ineffective against pathogens.  The silver user should beware of claims of large surface area at low ppm.

 7.) To have equivalent surface area to Invive 5000, the promoters would have to manufacture a silver particle size 250 times smaller at 20 ppm.  This is because "the" surface area relative to the silver mass is inversely proportional to the particle diameter.  This would be a particle of 0.04 nm (nanometers) in diameter.  Such a size could not be made, and if it could, is too small to be effective against pathogens.

8.) Analysis of the silver promoters site for 20 ppm weak silver, has determined that their data is suspect as deliberately misrepresentative of the facts that their own site presents for the small particle size they are claiming in their comparison table. Their lab results state an average size of 18.04 nm but show a graph implying a size of 0.678 nm which seems very small and proves inconsistent via their own data because the graph is way below 18.04 nm.

Theirs is an absurd lying deception that they perpetrate on the public to sell their weak 20 ppm solution, for while is posing as an independent site, the truth in fact is that is owned by the same person (Frank Keys) who owns the Meso silver company.

The above facts and mathematics prove the hoax that and meso silver have perpetrated on unknowing people.

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