How to KNOW that you should only USE INVIVE SILVER


Subject: more particles in 5000 ppm “MEANS” more silver ions are released. Period. RE: Just divide 500 ppm divided into 5000 ppm= 10 times their price per 4 oz. bottle tells you how much theirs REALLY costs you


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Subject: FW: ALLOPATHIC "not" homeopathic more particles in 5000 ppm “MEANS” more silver ions are released. Period. RE: Just divide 500 ppm divided into 5000 ppm= 10 times their price per 4 oz. bottle tells you how much theirs REALLY costs


I Googled “Allopathy” and this damn “woke generations” has nothing but rabbit holes to go down re Allopathy.

Therefore you can’t Google Allopathy.



Use your brain, and REALIZE

More silver particles


MORE silver ions. Period. That is all that matters

= MORE silver particles

= MORE ions released

= MORE Healing


Anything else they try to say is all made up crap lies to sell their particular dishwater.



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Subject: ALLOPATHIC "not" homeopathic more particles in 5000 ppm “MEANS” more silver ions are released. Period. RE: Just divide 500 ppm divided into 5000 ppm= 10 times their price per 4 oz. bottle tells you how much theirs REALLY costs you


ALLOPATHIC "not" homeopathic.

That MEANS you need more actual particles of silver as in 5000 particles

Because your 6 litres of blood


The silver down.


Search the meaning of Allopathic so that you can UNDERSTAND.


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Subject: more particles in 5000 ppm “MEANS” more silver ions are released. Period. RE: Just divide 500 ppm divided into 5000 ppm= 10 times their price per 4 oz. bottle tells you how much theirs REALLY costs you


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Subject: Re: Just divide 500 ppm divided into 5000 ppm= 10 times their price per 4 oz. bottle tells you how much theirs REALLY costs you


We are looking at purchasing a good number of bottles but getting basic information is challenging.

*** It is “challenging” for you BECAUSE you keep believing all the LIES of hucksters. Like Frank Keys of Meso-silver who is an outright liar, and his lying friend scientist who wrote his lying booklet, was struck dead by God in 1999. These lying bastards will burn in Hell, BECAUSE all liars will burn in Hell:

all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: KJV Revelations 21:8


and for “their” causing the deaths of thousands who use their weak 20 ppm DISHWATER.


How many bottles of 20ppm to get 5,000 ppm is *not* meaningful to us- there is more than one way to calculate cost, so please leave that up to us.

*** The “MORE ways” to calculate costs is only to BELIEVE THEIR OUTRIGHT LIES.

*** There is NO OTHER WAY to calculate cost BECAUSE BECAUSE BECAUSE you HAVE TO/are dealing with the number of actual silver particles present. And more particles in 5000 ppm “MEANS” more silver ions are released. Period. No way to dispute that FACT.

And nano particles do NOT NOT NOT release the same number of silver ions as normal sized particles.


*** Don’t listen to Meso’s bullshit about particle surface area as they are “LYING” claiming that 10 nano sized tires have more surface area than 5000 regular size tires. It is an OUTRIGHT LIE. It is ridiculous. He OUTRIGHTLY LIES, proven by the facts. READ the actual calculations:


The following is an outright "LIE" put out by Mesosilver:


"High particle surface area makes Mesosilver more effective than silver protein type products with silver concentrations in the tens of thousands of ppm."


Here is the Scientific "Mathematical" proof that Mesosilver is "LYING":


These scam sites will lie by inferring 20 paltry (measly) particles of silver have a greater surface area than 5000 particles! Ask yourself: Do 20 regular compact car tires have a larger surface area than "5,000" normal family size car tires? Of course not. But they trick the public by saying and inferring that their low 20 ppm (parts per million) has more relative surface area "without" telling the public that Invive "at 5000" ppm has 250 times more surface area than their 20 ppm.


Here are the actual "mathematical" proofs (not just misleading typing and misleading graphs), that proves "mathematically":

Our Invive 5000 ppm has 250 times larger "total" surface area than promoters scam dishwater paltry 20 ppm:

 1.) The "total" surface area of all 20 pieces of promoters 20 ppm increased surface area = 20 * p (.01 m2 = 0.00628 square microns.  (m is the symbol for a micron = 10-6 m, and p = 3.1416.  The diameter of a single silver particle is 0.01 m).

2.) The "total" surface area of 1 of INVIVE's .005 to .015 particles is = p (.01 m2 = 0.000314 square microns, for a spherical silver particle of average diameter 0.01 m.

3.) INVIVE'S Total particle surface area in one dose of 5000 = 5000 * p (.01 m )2 = 1.5708 square microns.

4.) INVIVE’S 5000 [particles of silver] ppm silver has 250 times more surface area than promoters 20 {particles of silver] ppm silver

5.) Therefore our 5000 ppm has 250 times the effectiveness of their 20 ppm. The comparison is for a fixed spherical size of silver particle, since there are many promoters of silver in the range of 20 ppm.

 6.) Effectiveness can only be compared for a fixed particle size.  It is not true that producing more particles of smaller size to get a greater surface area for the same ppm of silver will necessarily increase effectiveness.  This is especially true of very small particles, where the smallest sizes are ineffective against pathogens.  The silver user should beware of claims of large surface area at low ppm.

 7.) To have equivalent surface area to Invive 5000, the promoters would have to manufacture a silver particle size 250 times smaller at 20 ppm.  This is because "the" surface area relative to the silver mass is inversely proportional to the particle diameter.  This would be a particle of 0.04 nm (nanometers) in diameter.  Such a size could not be made, and if it could, is too small to be effective against pathogens.

8.) Analysis of the silver promoters site for 20 ppm weak silver, has determined that their data is suspect as deliberately misrepresentative of the facts that their own site presents for the small particle size they are claiming in their comparison table. Their lab results state an average size of 18.04 nm but show a graph implying a size of 0.678 nm which seems very small and proves inconsistent via their own data because the graph is way below 18.04 nm.

Theirs is an absurd lying deception that they perpetrate on the public to sell their weak 20 ppm solution, for while is posing as an independent site, the truth in fact is that is owned by the same person (Frank Keys) who owns the Meso silver company.

The above facts and mathematics prove the hoax that and meso silver have perpetrated on unknowing people.

  A few more basic information that we are looking for in the previous email is again,

If we get the 5,000ppm, how many drops with the dropper provided would give the equivalent of 500ppm?

*** You would have to DILUTE IT DOWN which means you will need to add 10 drops of Double Distilled, Double Deionized water to 1 drop of 5000= to get 500 ppm.

*** YOU still don’t understand:

1 drop of 5,000 has 5,000 pieces of silver in it.

1 drop of 500 ppm has only 500 pieces of silver in it.

1 drop of 20 ppm has only 20 pieces of silver in it.


*** The liars will try to say that their 20 pieces of silver are more effective than 5000 pieces of silver, BECAUSE OF all the bullshit reasons they “MAKE UP”.



*** How can you think/believe their

Outright LIES that 20 pieces of silver are more effective than 5,000 pieces of silver?

Their lies are total nonsense.

Silver is Allopathic, NOT homeopathic. Therefore the more pieces of silver= the better it works.

So they have to make up lies, TO COVER UP THE FACT FACT FACT silver is Allopathic.

Wake UP and stop believing their lies about particle size! Larger particles release MORE ions than nano.



Is there a taste to the liquid?

*** Of course there is a taste. It is only the diluted 20 ppm dishwater silver that has no taste BECAUSE it is so weak as it is mostly just water.


Can you say how the Invive MSP is more effective than other colloidal silver brands of similar strengths,

*** We use:

3 different types of waters for tissue penetration

Double distillation

Double deionization

Manufactured at/on “certain” times of the moon, the same way that you should plant plants by the times/phases of the moon. “Timing” that benefits the plants and benefits our silver.

We only use the purest silver to 5 nines.


The above 5 points are NOT even done, nor even known about by others.


*** OF COURSE it is more effective BECAUSE after other M.D. Doctors get no results or variable results with ALL the “other” silvers, the M.D. Doctors come to us.


It has ALWAYS been more effective than any other Brand or type of Silver. Proven by all the lives we have saved, when people were dying while taking the 20 ppm dishwater. These hucksters don’t care if people die by taking diluted 20 ppm dishwater, instead of 5000 ppm which will save their life.


*** And I told you that we use 3 different types of waters that carry our silver deep into the tissue, that others don’t even know about.


and we are not referring to  ionic silver? The one we've been looking at say their average particle size is 1-3 nanometers.

*** You DON’T DON’T DON’T want nano silver because it CROSSES your BLOOD BRAIN BARRIER.


Your website mentions that bacteria is about 0.5 micron. What particle size is Invive MSP, the same as it was since 1902? 

*** Yes.


Is it the 0.005-0.015 micron stated on Invive website?



These are basic, objective numbers that (all provide and some even have independent lab analyses) we can look at

*** Their numbers have NOTHING to do with the effectiveness of Silver.

It is all HYPE, to fool you.


to help decide which product will work for us.

*** YOU will NEVER find the truth BECAUSE you insist on FOLLOWING the lies OF hundreds of hucksters who make up the lies, and that lie and say that tiny particles are more effective than normal size particles.


Get it through your head that you do NOT NOT NOT want the smallest particles BECAUSE a normal correct sized particle of INVIVE

releases MORE silver ions than a nano particle. It is plain mathematics.

Again for clarity:

A normal sized particle will release MORE silver ions than a nano particle.




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STOP going in circles. STOP making this complicated.


1.) Just divide the ppm of any silver on the market into 5000=

2.) Then multiply that number by the cost of their 4 oz. bottle.


It is that simple. STOP trying to make it complicated.



500 ppm divided into 5000 ppm= 10

Their price per 4 oz bottle (say $30 for their 500 ppm 4 oz bottle) times the above number 10 is $30 per bottle times 10 bottles needed to reach 5000= $300. 

So this proves that

it will cost you $300



That’s it, no more going in circles. That is the answer.

It costs you $200 more to buy their junk huckster product.

And “every” promoter says/lies that he has a better silver. Every one of them.

But why don’t any one of them have a DDR (Doctors Desk Reference)?

Answer: Because they are all LIARS, not knowing anything, just yapping about nanoparticles, etc., when instead they have NO IDEA how to actually use and get the results. Our Mild Silver Protein has WORKED against 650 diseases since 1995. Period. There is no need for them to say that they have “reinvented” the wheel, because there is no need to reinvent the round wheel. The circular round wheel has worked for over 27 years since 1995 and indeed Mild Silver Protein has worked against 650 Diseases since 1902= OVER 100 YEARS. So stop listening to hucksters just trying to get your money, and get what has worked for over 100 years which is Mild Silver Protein 5000 ppm

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Subject: Re: It has NOTHING to do with measurement of volume. RE: you hold it sublingually (under the tongue) so that INVIVE goes straight into the BLOODSTREAM like and I.V.. The same as for a Nitroglycerine Pill RE: Questions on Invive MSP


Thank  you for the quick response but we are still confused. We're looking at another brand 4oz where 1tsp (a "serving") = 500 ppm, which contains 24 "servings". We know doubling to 2tsp gives us 1,000ppm. We are trying to figure out which is more cost effective.

Another way to ask this is if we get the Invive 5,000 ppm for its concentrated strength, what are we getting at 1/2 tsp and doubling the dose/serving to 1tsp can't be the same? The 2,000 ppm has to be less concentrated silver strength than the 5,000 ppm.

Trying to keep this as simple as possible.


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Subject: Re: you hold it sublingually (under the tongue) so that INVIVE goes straight into the BLOODSTREAM like and I.V.. The same as for a Nitroglycerine Pill RE: Questions on Invive MSP


Sorry, maybe the question was worded poorly.


On the 2,000 ppm bottle, does is 1 teaspoon = 2,000 ppm?

*** It has NOTHING to do with teaspoons nor measurement of volume.

1 minim/drop is still 2000 ppm strength and 1 teaspoon is 2000 ppm strength.

*** And 100 gallons would still be 2000 ppm strength.


On the 5,000 ppm bottle, does is 1 teaspoon = 5,000 ppm?

*** Again: It has NOTHING to do with teaspoons nor measurement of volume.


*** On the 5000 ppm bottle 1 minim/drop is 5000 ppm and 1 teaspoon is 5000 ppm.

*** And 100 gallons would still be 5000 ppm strength.

Thank you.


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Subject: Re: you hold it sublingually (under the tongue) so that INVIVE goes straight into the BLOODSTREAM like and I.V.. The same as for a Nitroglycerine Pill RE: Questions on Invive MSP


We do value MSP and really appreciate your detailed response. Thank you for your patience as we are working through a lot of conflicting information on colloidal silver. We actually do read the labels on the supplements we take.

So on the 2,000 and 5,000 ppm, if we take 1tsp, 3 times a day (every 6-8hrs) as suggested, the 4oz bottles 8 should last us days?

***  There are 120 ml/cc in each bottle. = 24 measuring Teaspoons in a Bottle of 5 cc each.

*** There are 5 cc in a measuring teaspoon.

*** 3 x silver per diem= 15 cc silver per diem

*** 120 cc divided by 15 cc per day= 1 bottle silver lasts 7 days.


On the 2000ppm, each day, we would be getting 6,000ppm, and 15,000ppm on the 5,000ppm. Is that right?

*** NO. The same as if you  put 88 Octane in your car,

It does NOT increase to 166 octane. It REMAINS at 88 Octane, there is just more of it.


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Subject: Re: Questions on Invive MSP


We understand that Invive considers some information proprietary,  so it's OK if you can not provide that information. Is there any third analysis of Invive  MSP that you can provide?

*** We don’t need to get into analysis, because that is what our competitors TWIST trying to invent reasons not to take this life saving formulation.

*** It is totally safe to take proven by over 100 years of usage, with NO blue people walking around. Where are all the blue people if Silver turns you blue?



1.) 124 years of continual usage in most Countries of the world,

2.) and used by hospitals in Spain up until 1978 in Spain,

3.) and in the 1942 British Encyclopedia of Medical Practice as the cure for Gonorrhea (it would eradicate Gonorrhea in 10 minutes).


Normal people don’t ask their Doctor for an analysis of the drug that the Doctor gives them. Pharmaceutical Drugs KILL over 100 thousand Americans each year, and Doctors don’t say anything, but the brainwashed Doctors will lie and say the silver is not safe, when OUR silver is 100% safe proven by the FACTS.

Suffice to state: Every Medical Doctor carried bottles of MSP in their Medical Bags, and every Doctor administered this formulation ORALLY from 1902 to 1938:

1.)  until they were stopped by the FDA in 1938 and Doctors were forced to use the expensive Corporation Pharmaceutical Company drugs.

2.)  Just like Prohibition was brought in to stop people from using/making Moonshine to run their vehicles and forcing the people to use gasoline instead.

3.) Just like Hemp was banned so that the paper mills were forced to use trees instead of pure cheap abundant hemp.

4.) Just like Tesla’s wireless energy was stopped, because then they could not charge people for the electricity.

5.) And because the robber barons who controlled the Governments of the world, wanted to sell/profit from the copper wire, sell/profit from rubber for insulation, sell/profit from trees for telephone poles.


Soon you will realize that the financial elite Corporations control the whole world, and the Drug Pharmaceutical Corporations support and control the FDA.


BTW: Do NOT take their vaccine BECAUSE it is NOT a vaccine, as it has no virus in it, and instead is a gene altering KILL SHOT to reduce the world’s population,

By causing you body to produce a cyclonic storm internally in your body of spike protein overproduction,

Which scars every organ of your body,

And they put graphene oxide in the vials, which has no purpose at all to be there, “except” to poison you.


More Vaccinated die from the covid while the unvaccinated with normal immune systems do not.


As soon as they brought out the vaccine DEATH RATES SKYROCKETED.

Today “right now” undertakers have a 250% increase in business PROVEN BY THE ACTUAL FIGURES from people dying and dropping dead from the phony vaccine. That is a FACT. It is a KILL SHOT not a vaccine.




Since all the bottles are 4oz in size,

*** Yes, they are all the same size BECAUSE you want more microscopic silver particles and not more water.

*** That is why our competitors HAVE TO sell their silver by the gallon. Who sells drugs by the gallons and 5 gallon Carboys except hucksters!

*** You need more silver particles NOT more water.


can you clarify how many servings are in each bottle of the 2,000ppm

*** 24 measuring Tsp (teaspoons) 120 cc/ml.


and 5,000ppm?

*** 24 measuring Tsp (teaspoons) 120 cc/ml.



Should the MSP be taken with food

*** NO! It should NOT be taken with food.

*** You do NOT want it in the stomach unless you are curing stomach or bladder infections.


*** You want INVIVE in the BLOODSTREAM, therefore you hold it sublingually (under the tongue) so that INVIVE goes straight into the BLOODSTREAM like and I.V.. The same as for a Nitroglycerine Pill that you take during a heart attack held under the tongue so that it goes straight into the BLOODSTREAM.


*** You also once a day 1 minute after taking INVIVE sublingually, take a hot bath for 40 minutes starting at 104 degrees (until it cools by itself with you in the tub) so that your tiniest capillaries EXPAND and carry BLOOD ALONG WITH THE INVIVE to every tissue in your body.


or before/after?

*** Take INVIVE 15 minutes before or after food,

so that you do not wash the INVIVE down into the stomach, because you want INVIVE in the bloodstream NOT the stomach.

*** Therefore you do NOT drink “anything” for 15 minutes after taking INVIVE.


*** The protein coating on the microscopic silver particles is a perfect “time release” mechanism whereby as the protein coated particle transverses the bloodstream, the coating is washed off, and the silver particle is delivered to the farthest and deepest extremities of the body, and this is a PERFECT delivery system.

Thank you.


On 12/4/2022 12:52 PM, wrote:

Mild Silver Protein has been curing 650 diseases since 1902.

With NO side effects.

Doctors should stop lying about Argyria, BECAUSE there are no blue people, and MILLIONS “ARE” taking the silver all over the World. And Mild Silver Protein was used in Spain until 1978 after our Food and Drug supply was RESTRICTED by the LYING FDA in 1938.


INVIVE has been on the market since 1995, and has saved thousands of lives in the last 27 years, and is Safe and Effective no matter what the lying FDA tries to say, BECAUSE the PROOF is in the results.


We do not supply the data you requested, BECAUSE it only ends up getting used against us. Which causes the deaths of thousand who take the weak dishwater silver instead and end up dying.


Silver is Allopathic and NOT homeopathic, so the higher the concentration of silver particles, the more effective the cure.


2,000 ppm 5,000 ppm and 10,000 ppm is what gave the RESULTS. Not the lying competitors’ nano 20 ppm dishwater.


All the information we have can be found at


We have saved over 1,000 lives per year for

27 years,

with NO side effects,

NO blue people,


yet FOOLS keep railing against Mild Silver Protein which is a proven cure, PROVEN Empirically by the FACTS that Mild Silver Protein works, and always has worked, and always will work, no matter what the LIARS say.


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Subject: Fwd: Questions on Invive MSP


We're very interested in learning more about Invive MSP, sent some questions to with no response yet. There were some links to this contact email address, so hopefully it will reach the right person. Thank you.

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Questions on Invive MSP


Thu, 1 Dec 2022 05:00:43 -0600




We are interested in some information on Invive, in particular the 2,000ppm and 5,000ppm, such as

-Do you have independent third party lab analyses of the MSP that we can review, such as size of particles, dispersion, etc over time?

-Are there nitrates, nitrites sodium present in Invive MSP, and evidence of it in the body over time?

-How much of the protein is present in the MSP?

-Is there any information on the Invive company? How long has the Invive MSP been on the market?

And any other information that would be helpful for us to look at.

Thank you.