People must read the 1919 “After Action” REVIEW type report by the USA Government about the Spanish flu in the USA during the 1917 to 1918 period.


90% of deaths were

due to bacteria recycling into your lungs resulting in viral pneumonia-NOT flu,

= Bacteria recycycled into your lungs, from you wearing a mask.


Plus your own C02 {Carbon Dioxide that you exhale] would also contribute to illness,

by the mask restricting exhaling and, also restricting inhaling thus lowering your oxygen % in your blood that kills disease, but that was not mentioned.


Only 10% died of the flu alone in 1917 to 1918. That is a 90% SURVIVAL rate, when you don’t count the secondary complications.


So their conclusion was:

“Never to use masks again”,

as they were a bigger problem than the flu itself and


no masks were worn for another 102 years during flu epidemics!!!

Not until corrupt medical agency personnel like (Dr. Fauci) and MSM [Mainstream Media] DS [Deep State] actors started to again fraudulently promote masks.



Also, back during Spanish flu, they didn’t include TB, pneumonia , motorcycle accidents, etc., as flu deaths which IS now being done by the CDC, NIH, WHO [World Health Organization], DS [Deep State] actors in 2020-2021.


Don’t ''assume'' anything you read on Facebook or MSM [Mainstream Media] nor on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, nor Instagram because all are complicit, as anything true would have been censored.

Any true Medical Report that doesn’t follow the Mainstream Media line, is censored, banished, or deleted.


You must do your homework. And it isn’t easy to do, because everything is hidden or censored. Use the County library (real old books).


Believe “true” Science which states the size of a virus particle is .15-.30 microns so it can past through/can penetrate just about anything.

The 1919 report that: “Masks were a bigger problem than the flu” is astounding!!!


And this present virus of Covid-19 is not NOT “NOT” even as serious as the Spanish Flu, as the death rates are phony, and BECAUSE this present virus has a

recovery rate of 99.8% in people under 60, and

95% recovery on people over 60 and


therefore does “NOT” require a vaccine.


This indeed “is” a DS [Deep State] political flu and if you believe the Mainstream Media you indeed are believing LIES.