FACTS/PROOF via Statistics that

the vaccine doesn't work


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They said the vaccine would stop you from getting the Covid, BUT now more vaccinated people get the Covid than non vaxxed people, but they outrightly lie in the News.


FULLY vaccinated people STILL GET the virus.


Way back in March 2020 they said “hurry get the vaccine as the vaccine would stop the Covid”, BUT WITH ALL THE VACCINE JABS, there are NOW “MORE” CASES than ever before. Covid cases are skyrocketing 2 years later in Jan 2022.


They then lied and said the vaccine was safe BUT: No other vaccine has this many DEATHS, as this vaccine has more deaths than all the other vaccines over 50 years combined.


No other vaccine has so many side effects and so many deaths.


They take BOOSTER JABS and MORE people are dying.


It is obvious to anyone with common sense that the FACTS PROVE the vaccine doesn’t work.


99.7 people in the city of Waterford, Ireland are fully vaccinated BUT Waterford has the MOST Covid cases in the whole country of Ireland!